Thursday, July 21, 2005

Quirky Hunk

I read lotsa blogs, and I don't know why none of the popular Singaporean and Malaysian bloggers seem to have noticed Yong Fook and linked him. (Let me be the first! Yay!)

Yong Fook is damn good-looking and damn funny in writing about life as a Briton in Japan. He throws in these totally random wacky stuff in his musings too. Those Jap snack reviews of his totally make me double-up laughing.

For e.g. in his latest post:

"A food review is in the works. In the meantime, to show that I’m not dead or in hospital with some penile infection or being gang raped by angry roebucks or whatever the fuck you people have been talking about in the 170+ comments in the last entry (Sweet Moses…I…I have no words) here are some pictures of my weekend. As you can see I took candid shots of girls, possibly whilst stroking my fully functioning penile area, and I also went to an aquarium and took pictures of fish, possibly whilst stroking my fully functioning penile area."

(Thank you, Yong Fook, for indirectly contributing to the length of this post. I simply do not have the gumption? /grumption? or a fascinating enough life to blog a whole lot.)

Monday, July 18, 2005

So Fun

Excuse the unimaginative title, but I can't think of a witty pun.

This post is inspired by my dear friend XY's post on her blog. The girl is in Germany having the time of her life! How fun is that?

Anyway, her blog is a truly interesting (XY: if you're reading this, i suffer from the same small vocab problem) read and funny too. See the wonders you can do to your life if you take a sabbathical off work?

As a little perk to my deluge of work lately, I got to see Siti Nurhaliza live! Ok, I was at the media conference for work purposes, but hey, it's always fun to see stars yeah? Plus the press kit came with free C-tea (Siti's own line of tea, duh) and a free CD. Even though the C-Tea is a weird pandan flavour and the CD is in Malay so I can't understand a word of it, the cheapo in me always revels in freebies.

Here are some pics self-taken with my digicam. I must be the one of the few journos without the prestige of having a real photographer with big ass camera in tow.

Isn't she pretty? I was fascinated by her lip-glossed-to-perfection "kiss me" lips, wondering how it lasted the entire press conference. Lip gloss just disappears from me in 10 minutes. I wouldn't wear that jacket though.